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 More Ranting, Birthdays/Holiday/Presents

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PostSubject: More Ranting, Birthdays/Holiday/Presents   Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:18 am

So today I was thinking...WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF HOLIDAYS especially then it had nothing to do with me!?! Since they aren't part of my religion so what's the point of me celebrating it?

Birthdays...ugh...I don't need a reminder I'm a year older, I know I am. Say thanks that I got born that day but other than that who gives a shit?

Presents...ugh where to start...I'm getting pissed off of giving and receiving presents. It's like there has to be an occasion to give me something else it doesn't mean shit...or like tieing meat around my neck to get a dog to play with me....I don't care and if it's like that then I don't want it. If you wanna give me something do it on a regular boring day with a note 'Was shopping and it reminded of you' I mean hell I do that with tons of people.

OHHH and here's the greatest rant of presents, flowers. Flowers are great and pretty and smelly but when they are used cause you just had a fight...PISSES ME OFF...I find anyone who does that are assholes, if you're going to give flowers...again on any normal day not just cause you made someone mad...as if that'll apease them into submission...not...

Goodbye my sweet hat
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More Ranting, Birthdays/Holiday/Presents
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