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 More videos....and yes I haven't much to do this morning..<.<;;

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PostSubject: More videos....and yes I haven't much to do this morning..<.<;;   Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:58 am

Star wars told by someone who doesn't know it

kittens vs slide

Cat killed by pretend gun

Hope you didn't look like this when you first went on a roller coaster

The newest version of the slinky!!

I would so buy this tv!!!

cockroach making fun of weatherman

talk about funky diving...

I feel sorry for the gaurd...

Who knew Elmo was really like this...

And you though porn couldn't get any worse!!Freaky slideshow, would you try this?

Watch the cat carefully!!

Better than slinkies!

Talk about playing with your food

Cat on crack o.O;;

Amazing!! Little princess watch this!!

Smile Grandma it's a dildo for your birthday!!

Someone who has too much time and WAY too much money!!

Don't you feel like this some days?

I think common sense died long ago...longer than I thought

I want a camera in my brain!!

Yes! Real life Facebook

Amazing speech!
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More videos....and yes I haven't much to do this morning..<.<;;
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