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Lady Hefin
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The Pheonix
Lady Hefin

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PostSubject: WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!   Sat May 08, 2010 3:35 pm

Okay so yesterday I put a few resumes out and I got a phone call while I was about town saying I just got called from one of the salons. So I stood there thinking hmmmm I could call back for an interview OR I could just show up and say hey you just phoned me. Can you guess what I did? I just went over there since I was in town anyways despite my casual appearance. Jeans...baggy shirt...disheaveled hair...I talked to the woman about stuff, signed a contract and I start in two weeks!! I mean how amazing is that? sure I could have started right away..but my dad's wedding is next week Mad so I needed to make sure I had time for that....on a side note...man has taken laziness to a whole new level


Goodbye my sweet hat
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